Diurnal, originally from Fasach (Africa). There are about 75 million of them in Fasach, 2 million in Larnach (Europe), 1 million in Theas (Australia), a hundred thousand in Mothar (South America), and only a few in Inish (Madagascar). They have above average magic. About 60% of zebras have magic. Of those, about 10% have below average power, 20% have average, 60% have above average, 10% have high power. Their racial field includes balance and polarity, defensive magic, illusion, sound magic, telekinesis, telepathy, and travel magic.

They stand 4-5 feet high and 7-8 feet long. They are quadrupeds. They have low anthropomorphism and no hands, although their mouths are moderately useful for manipulating things. Their vivid black-and-white stripes make them easy to see, although it's hard to pick out a single zebra from a herd. Albino zebras, with tan-and-white stripes, are considered lucky; a famously successful historic general was one and the idea stuck. Zebras are not as fast as horses, but have greater endurance. They have tough skin and are one of the few races who tolerate tattoos and cosmetics well. Some zebras like to dye their white parts in vivid colors.

Zebras and horses don't get along well, despite seeming quite similar. Zebras tend to think of horses as boring and stupid. Horses tend to think of zebras as stuck-up, bossy, and confusing. Both are annoyed by the persistent belief that magically adept horses must really be horse-zebra halfbreeds -- which are actually rare, given the animosity between the two races. Most of those halfbreeds are the product of rape.

As one of the prevailing races in Fasach, zebras hold a variety of jobs. They are farmers, merchants, porters, lawyers, judges, guards, and soldiers. They often do heavy labor such as pulling a plow or a wagon, carrying baggage, or carrying a rider. They are very picky about their choice of partner for cooperative activities like that. Unlike horses, zebras work singly in harness and not as a team. However, they still have a strong herd bond and they are intolerant of most differences.

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