The home of the race that call themselves Witches is Raenarin. They are a humanoid race, with magical abilities, who have an average lifespan of around a hundred years. Witches are born with the ability to use the magic of Raenarin and many look down on the other magical race that live here, the Sorceresses, because they have to be taught how to use the magic. They both have different strengths and weaknesses, due to the way they come into their power.

The Witches are split into thirteen covens and at the time of writing this only women are permitted to be Witches. Male children born with power are executed if they are found. Most male Witches end up living safely on other worlds. During the time of the Witch Queen, which is thought to be a myth by all the covens, both men and women could be Witches, but she was assassinated with her entire family. None of the thirteen covens get on and any female child with magic born within the borders of a certain coven is automatically taken by them, to be trained in the use of magic. There are no other options.

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