A race of winged cats, the Alati Felis were known on their planet as sky cats, even though their wings are useless. They are the size of an average domestic cat on Earth, with short hair that can be almost any colour and any pattern (tabby, tortoiseshell, pointed, or plain), except white. None of the Alati Felis have any white on them at all, due to the way their race evolved. Before the magic of their planet faded, naturally, the Alati Felis could use their wings, but none of them can remember that time. Unfortunately, myths about them are still told about the time they could fly, which is why they are hunted by every other race on their home planet. One of the best known myths is about a giant sky cat wreaking havoc for many years, much like a dragon, causing a time of great hardship, which has been used as an excuse to rid the world of all sky cats.

On their home world they are loners, except during breeding times, but this changes when the Alati Felis arrive on Taithmarin. For the first time they have a chance to get to know each other and often live together in large groups. Some are family groups, and the large litters that were once needed for the survival of the race stay connected instead of splitting, while others are simply groups of cats who wish to stay together. They are, once they get used to Taithmarin, a very friendly race, who much enjoy company. Many become friends with the Nox Gadael, as they have shared experiences.

The abilites they once had return. Almost all the Alati Felis can fly after living on Taithmarin for a few years, but some never regain their wings. If this happens there are often cats who are happy to give their fellows a ride if they need it, although many prefer to use the tram. However they still don't know everything about the magic they were once able to use, which leads to a lot of experimentation with the help of the other magical races.

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