The second magical race of Raenarin, the Sorceresses, are not born with the ability to harness the magic of their world. Once their training was passed down from mother to daughter, aunt to niece, grandmother to granddaughter until one Sorceress chose to train her son as she had no daughters. People told stories of Sorcerers, about what happened when they went insane because that was what they all did, but she didn't believe the stories, and taught her son everything she knew. After that the system changed. Sorceresses passed their knowledge onto apprentices instead of daughters.

Most Sorceresses are loners, although there are yearly meets when they get together and talk about what's their year has been like. They live for longer than the witches, on average around 300 years, and have a much greater understanding of the history of Raenarin. A Sorceress will normally take on three apprentices, at the most, at a time and by the end of their lifetime will have trained between 4 and 12 apprentices. Due to this the number of Sorceresses is increasing.

Each Sorceress has their own home, normally gifted to them at the end of their training by their mistress. They are visited more often by people who want magical help, because the covens aren't easy to approach for anyone who isn't a Witch or related to them, so a Sorceress will earn money this way, and occasionally by selling things to the merchants who travel to Raenarin.

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