The third magical race of Raenarin, the Sorcerers, live on a hidden continent. They know of the Witches and Sorceresses, but neither the Witches or the Sorceresses know about the existence of the Sorcerers or the hidden continent. When the Witch Queen was alive she did know of the hidden continent and did everything she could to keep it hidden, believing that there was a reason for everything the fae did when they were creating the worlds of the web.

Sorcerers are much like Sorceresses, only male instead of female, and not insane due to learning how to use the magic of Raenarin from a male persepective. They have different abilities, although they are viewed by the common people in much the same way as the Sorceresses. A Sorcerer will have more apprentices, due to more people on the hidden continent wanting to learn how to use magic as they aren't put off by the Witches, and there are two sorcery schools, with a new one in construction. Once a Sorcerer has completed his studies he will often explore the web and many live on other worlds. There are even a few living on the known continent of Raenarin, sending information back to the Sorcerers.

Often Sorcerers use their powers to keep any male Witches safe, knowing that they are just as important as female Witches, and are more likely to notice if a Witch is unhappy. Many do what they can to keep the few independent Witches safe as well as helping the Witches who want to be independent get away from their covens.

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