Diurnal, originally from Larnach (Europe). Common. There are about 10 million in Larnach, a million each in Mothar (South America) and Fasach (Africa), a hundred thousand in Theas (Australia), and a thousand in Inish (Madagascar). They are among the races with the weakest magic, and rarely manifest multiple talents. About 20% of seagulls have magic, almost all low power with a handful of known cases below average. Their racial abilities include water magic, entropic magic, and telekinesis. They are also prone to selling bogus charms.

They stand about 4 feet tall, highly anthropomorphic with a faint down of colored feathers and a small beak on the face. They can still eat raw fish and garbage without ever getting sick, and the chicks will not eat unless they first get to peck at the red spot on the parent's beak.

Seagulls are not well respected, powerful neither physically nor magically. However, they have extremely strong ties to family in flock, and readily stick together against outside threats. They tend to take odd jobs or scutwork such as janitor, garbageman, tanner, hatter, etc. They are excellent fishermen. Some enjoy beachcombing for craft supplies, while others scrounge in dumps for things to resell. On the shady side, they are thieves, fences, snitches, and servants for crime lords.

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