Metaturnal, originally from Larnach (Europe). There are about 100 million in Larnach, another 10 million each in Mothar (South America) and Fasach (Africa), about 10 thousand in Theas (Australia), and perhaps a thousand in Inish (Madagascar). They are a prevailing race in Larnach. They are among the three most powerful races, widely admired for their social skills and magical ability. About 80% of mice have some magic. About 40% of those have average power, 40% have above average, and 20% have high. They are the only metaturnal race to enjoy high social status, and they do it by locking themselves to a specific shift as if belonging to one of the standard urns. However, mice outside the respectable professions often follow their true metaturnal nature. Their racial field of magic includes empathy, navigation, telekinesis, earth magic, preservation, and defensive magic.

Mice stand about 3 feet tall (upright) or just under 1 foot (horizontal). They are ambipedal, slightly awkward on two or four legs on the ground, but excellent climbers as they can grip with hands and feet alike. They are about halfway anthropomorphic. They have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate tattoo ink, perfumes, or cosmetics.

The three most common coats are fawn with white belly, solid grey, and solid white with pink eyes. Other colors and patterns appear locally in Larnach. There are no white mice in Fasach (Africa) because people think they are demons and kill them on sight. However, white mice are revered as sacred in Mothar (South America), which the mice themselves usually think is very weird unless they were raised there. Mice with patterned coats (spotted, hooded, banded, etc.) are considered funny and adorable in Inish (Madagascar), a rare exception to the island's usual insularity; they are often traders or entertainers there.

Among the most populous and widespread races, mice live everywhere in Quiar. They are politicians, bankers, judges, counselors, teachers, and otherwise involved in holding society together. Therefore most people think of them as highly respectable and civilized. But they also make the most devastating bandits, pirates, and gangsters.

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