Diurnal, originally from Mothar (South America). There are about 7 million in Mothar, another 20,000 in Larnach (Europe), and small scattered groups elsewhere. They have average magic. About 50% of llamas have magic. About 15% have low power, 20% have below average, 30% have average, 20% have above average, and 15% have high. Their racial field includes telekinesis, defensive magic, weather magic, and navigation.

They stand about 7-8 feet tall (upright) or 6 feet (horizontal). They are ambipedal and about halfway anthropomorphic. They can stand and walk either on two legs or four. The forelegs end in hands with two tough outer digits for walking, two delicate inner digits for manipulating things, and an opposable thumb which does not touch the ground. They come in various colors and patterns.

As a prevailing race, llamas form a large part of Motharan society, being both common and social. They have strong bonds within family and herd. They are also more accepting of other races than typical outside of Larnach (Europe). Llamas often work as farmers, crafters, laborers, merchants, and other ordinary jobs.

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