Metaturnal, originally from Inish (Madagascar). There are about 50,000 of them in Inish, 1,000 in Larnach (Europe), and a few scattered elsewhere. They have below average magic. About 5% of lemurs have magic. Of those, 40% have low power and 60% have below average. Their racial field includes bardic magic, empathy, and sound magic.

They stand about 4-5 feet tall and are bipedal. They have high anthropomorphism. They heads are large and rounded, with a short muzzle and wet nose. Their body fur is no more than flocking, although the long lail remains fluffy. They have nails instead of claws, and their hands are quite dextrous. They are very adaptable.

Lemurs are matriarchal and have a short breeding season. They are a prevailing race in Inish, so their hame is slightly more tolerant of metaturnal races than the other hames. They fill a wide variety of jobs including shopkeeper, farmer, gatherer, and messenger. They make excellent entertainers particularly in dancing, singing, and acrobatics. On the shady side, they are thieves, informers, prostitutes, and exotic dancers. They fare very poorly in captivity, so are not favored as slaves. They also produce a fair number of crackpots.

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