Nocturnal, originally from Inish (Madagascar). There are about 10,000 of them in Inish, and they rarely appear elsewhere. They are among the races with the weakest magic, and are not known to manifest multiple talents. About .01% of them have magic. Of those, about 95% have low power and 5% have below average. Their racial talents include entropic magic, earth magic, sound magic, and shadow magic.

They stand about 2 feet high (vertical) or about 8 inches high (horizontal). They have below average anthropomorphism, in that they can walk upright and have enlarged heads, but still basically look like big bugs. The rear pair of legs are struts to prop themselves upright when standing still. The middle legs are for walking, and the front legs have hands. They can scuttle horizontally as well as walking upright. They have sensitive skin and cannot tolerate tattoo ink, perfumes, or cosmetics.

Hissing cockroaches tend to take jobs that keep them out of public view: janitor, garbage collector, gardener, undertaker, night watchman, etc. The few with a taste for espionage make competent and subtle spies. Many hissing cockroaches dislike being stared at. However, they are quite good at telling creepy stories, as they have a refined sense of what scares other people. Some of the best horror/thriller writers come from this race.

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