Nocturnal, originally from Fasach (Africa). Common. There are about 100,000 of them in Fasach, 2,000 in Theas (Australia), 1,000 in Larnach (Europe), and 500 in Mothar (South America). They have below average magic. About 35% of aardvarks have magic. About 20% of those have low power, 50% have below average, 20% have average, and 10% have high. Their racial field includes offensive magic, spellbreaking, earth magic, phasing through solid objects, and finding things. They have a knack for making cheap but effective charms with formulaic magic. Their tough skin makes them one of the few races who can routinely tolerate such things as tattoo ink, fur dyes, and perfumes.

They stand about 4-5 feet high (vertical) or about 2 feet (horizontal). They are about halfway anthropomorphic, with the interesting ability to fold up their long hind legs to walk comfortably on all fours. Their forepaws are thumbless and not very dextrous, with the digits ending in powerful claws. However, the long thin tongue is quite agile, used for delicate manipulation. The head is much larger and rounder than a nonsentient aardvark's would be, but retains the long slender snout and enormous ears.

Aardvarks do well at a variety of practical and military work. They are miners, ditch diggers, sappers, soldiers, and supply managers. They have a reputation for being tough and reliable. They don't like to start fights, but if somebody else does, they will finish it. Because of their strong work ethic, aardvarks do not steal willingly; but those whose can phase are greatly desired in the underworld, and occasionally enslaved to steal for a powerful owner. They make downright lousy spies, even if they can phase. The military learned this the hard way, and has quit trying to recruit them for that purpose.

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