The second of the five creatures created for Siaral were the unicorns. Again inspiration was taken from human mythologies, but there was much less for the unicorns, and this interested the Yellows. Unicorns were said to be beautiful creatures, often seen only by virgins, believed once to be a real creature, until it became a human myth. In simple terms they were horses, or occasionally goats, with horns. All had magic.

First the fae in charge studied the magic of the unicorn. It was a start, but they wanted more. From the unicorns they moved onto breeds of horses, studying each one in depth to work out exactly what they could take from the horse and add to the unicorn. This was harder, as it meant understanding a creature most of the fae had never seen before, but they eventually felt they could begin.

As with the dragons they made miniature unicorns before moving onto larger beasts. In this case it was a way of making sure they'd done things right. All the unicorns had what could be called unicorn magics, especially the ability to heal, and then a breed specific power.

Finally they were passed onto the Breeders, who again were given no help by the fae. Some Breeders favoured working with the dragons, but there were those who were uncomfortable with them, and happily took on the job of breeding the unicorns. When the merchants came there were those who sold dragons and those who sold unicorns, who were favoured often by ladies, and used instead of horses because of their abilities. Young girls could be given miniature unicorns to learn how to look after creatures, in a way that children on Earth would be given a hamster or other small creature.

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