The third of the five creatures created for Siaral were the pegasi, the mythological flying horses. Creating the pegasi was an afterthought, a creature the fae remembered only after they began studying to create the unicorns, and chose to make them as well, because it gave the Yellow family a chance to experiment with wings.

Much less thought and work went into creating the pegasi. Most had already been done for the unicorns, so they took the information they already had and used it to create several different breeds of pegasi. Again they worked on creating a miniature form, because it was a good way testing their abilities.

Once they were on Siaral the Breeders cared as much for the pegasi as they did for the unicorns, realising that the two forms of horse were actually very different. The pegasi had much more freedom than the unicorns, because they could fly, and often explored the web alone, although they always returned home to Siaral. The merchants also appreciated the pegasi, as they were a useful form of transport around the web, and brought in good money.

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