Above average magic: empathy (mouse), telepathy (placental), mending (Larnachi)

Peric is a white mouse who serves on the town council. His primary goal is keeping everything orderly. He's old enough to hold a position of responsibility but young enough to have a sense of adventure. He is inquisitive and thorough, respected by his peers but with more variable reception among traders, because he used to work in customs. This sometimes gets him into trouble on a personal level; he just can't let go of things, especially questions or puzzles, even when he really should. He excels at putting together small clues and seemingly unrelated information to compile a big picture and then figure out what to do. Conversely, he gets a bit absent-minded about everyday concerns when he's concentrating on something important.

Although mice are metaturnal, Peric follows a diurnal cycle. He has above average magic. His primary talent is empathy, strong enough that he has to work at not sensing other people's emotions. His telepathy is good, less likely to run away with him; he uses it less often, usually with permission, because he dislikes violating people's mental integrity. He has a minor but very useful talent for mending, a well-known example of the Larnachi knack for practical magic. Even though Peric could afford to buy new things, he's proud of his talent and prefers making small magical repairs instead.

Peric has the typical sensitive skin of his race, and is especially allergic to citrus oils. That's a nuisance given their popularity in furniture polish and cleaning products, and it causes problems when he travels; his home and office are kept up with pine oil instead. He enjoys nice clothes and dresses in tidy, tailored outfits most of the time. On duty, he favors suits of pale gray or other soft neutral colors; off duty, he wears slightly more casual clothes in various pastels. His most formal uniform for council matters is pure white.

Peric's best friend is his personal assistant, a male raven named Bertram. They make an excellent team. Peric has a feathercraft writing quill made from one of Bertram's own feathers, which never blots or runs out of ink.

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