Below average magic: sound magic (avian). Formulaic magic: feathercraft.

Bertram is a young male raven. Clever and gregarious, he excels at office work. He serves as the personal assistant of Peric, a white mouse on the town council of Sheepshank. Bertram's strong organizational skills and clear memory mesh well with Peric's desire to keep everything orderly. Bertram takes care of the little everyday details and manages the office so that Peric has everything he needs to make good decisions. Together they make an excellent team.

In terms of innate talent, Bertram has average magic. He uses his sound magic mainly for eavesdropping or amplifying his voice. With it, he can shout loud enough to hurt people's ears, but not do actual damage; it's still very useful in altercations. Bertram has also developed skill in the formulaic magic of feathercraft, where he is quite a talented amateur. He makes writing quills and other useful items, like the one he gave to Peric.

Charming and a little vain, Bertram attracts attention wherever he goes. He loves decorating his feathers with sparkles, although he doesn't care for the bleaches and dyes that some other ravens like. He's black, and he's happy with that; he just enjoys adding a little extra flash. Like other ravens, he can only glide, not truly fly; but he's a skilled acrobat in the air. He routinely uses his gliding ability for aerial scouting.

Bertram cares a lot about what people think. He craves appreciation, whether as respect for his professional bearing (on duty) or as amusement and exasperation at his practical jokes (off duty). He can't stand being ignored; if he can't get positive attention, then negative will do. Peric is deeply grateful for Bertram's support and expresses this regularly. Because of this, and the way Peric sometimes forgets to take care of himself while working, Bertram is very protective of Peric.

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